Hi, I'm Daniel, born in 1981 in Nuernberg, Germany. At the age of 16 I got to know and love cannabis, but vaporizing has never been my thing. Until I tried a vaporizer from Donald aka Dr. Colly in early 2018. A whole new level of vaporizer, I was seriously impressed. The "Volcano" that I had been using occasionally up to that point , couldn't begin to keep up.

At that time, after about 10 years in photo retouching and e-commerce, I had a desire for a career change. Through YouTube I came across Donald's channel, he had together with his son Felix at that time the desire to further professionalize with the building of vaporizers.


So it happened that I flew to Portugal, and we met and discussed. Since our "skills" complement each other very well and we have similar values despite all the differences, we registered Collyland as a limited liability company, built a small workshop, and purchased the necessary materials to be able to produce smoothly.

In addition, we had to find employees for the production - this process was not so easy in the south of Portugal, we had to part with most of them again, there were disappointments and setbacks. Nevertheless, fate brought us together with the best possible people for this project, Axel and Janine as the heart of the production in Portugal make our small team perfect.


For centuries cannabis has been considered a useful and medicinal plant. Not cannabis is a crime, but the prohibition of cannabis is the crime, because what nature offers us can never be illegal.