Payment methods


We are a cannabis related company. Almost all large payment providers and corporations have therefore refused to work with us (e.g. Paypal, Visa, Amazon, Ebay, Stripe, Mollie, Remit and many more). We are therefore limited in our ability to accept payments.


We can currently offer the following payment methods:


1) American Express Creditcard (directly via our webshop)

2) Bank transfer
3) VISA and all other credit cards via the service provider
4) Paypal donation / send to friend
5) Bitcoin

During checkout please use the credit card option for AmericanExpress only! For all other payment methods, select the bank transfer option.

1) AmericanExpress payments can be processed directly in our shop by selecting the "credit card" option during the payment process

OR Bank-transfer:

After finishing your order, you will receive an email with an invoice. You can now send us the amount that is shown on the invoice as follows:

2) By bank transfer (not recommended for customers outside the EU due to high fees)

3) Go to and send the payment to our bank account, you can pay at with VISA, Paypal, or any bank account of your choice - internationally and with low fees. All the information you need to enter at, such as account numbers, is included in our invoice.

4) Send Dr.Colly a donation via Paypal ! We are no longer allowed to accept official payments, Paypal has already blocked our company´s account and withheld our credit. For details please write us an email after your order.

5) Send us bitcoin with the current exchange rate. This function is currently used by a few customers only and our web shop does not offer the option of automatically integrating BTC payments. Therefore, please send us an email after completing the order and ask for the Bitcoin address.


A few of the payment methods are a bit unusual. Unfortunately, the current legal situation makes these detours necessary. Many thanks to all customers who support us and accept these detours! If you have any questions, please send us an email!